On January 13, 2010, T. Boone Pickens announced that his company, Mesa Power LP, will not build the planned 4,000 MW Pampa Wind Farm in the Texas Panhandle.  Pickens said he will cut his $2 billion order for wind turbines from General Electric Company (“GE”) in half, and plans to use these remaining turbines in Canada and Minnesota wind farms.

In May 2008, Pickens announced plans for what would have been the world’s largest onshore wind farm.  He originally ordered 667 wind turbines from GE and moved forward with development of the Project.  Since then, the declining price of natural gas has hurt the market for wind.  In July 2009, Pickens issued a statement that the Pampa Project would face delays because of a lack of financing to build a $2 billion transmission line.

Though the Pampa Wind Project has been abandoned, Pickens maintains that the development of wind energy in the Texas Panhandle could pick up if the natural gas market improves.  In a new television ad, Pickens encouraged Congress to pass legislation that would offer incentives for increased use of natural gas.