On January 19th, Troutman Sanders hosted a webinar presented by partners Peter Glaser and Daniel Larcamp on the Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology (“MACT”) Rule, the Cross State Air Pollution Rule (“CSAPR”) Stay and the obligation to comply with grid reliability standards.  The presentation discussed the following:

  • The reliability portions of the new Utility MACT rule, including the Presidential Memorandum and EPA’s Enforcement policy statement on electric reliability;
  • What roles FERC, NERC, EPA, Regional Transmission Organizations, State Commissions, and Electric Utilities will have in this new regulatory scheme;
  • The challenges in minimizing civil exposure under the Clean Air Act without creating exposure under the Federal Power Act and vice versa; 
  • The CSAPR stay and what it means for the future of CSAPR and UMACT; and
  • What utilities can do now to manage this new challenge.

Click here to find the slide presentation as well as a recording of the webinar.