On March 26, 2010, the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (“WECC”) Board of Directors approved their strategic plan for 2010-2012.  The plan announced four strategies and seventeen corresponding action priorities WECC will use to achieve their objectives in the upcoming years.  WECC emphasized their single mission is to ensure reliability, which they hope to accomplish through bulk electric system reliability assurances and a comprehensive compliance system. 

The 2010-2012 plan is an update of the 2008 Three-to-Five-Year Strategic Plan.  However, that plan focused on WECC transitioning from a voluntary and member-driven organization to a Regional Entity delegated by FERC and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (“NERC”) to enforce mandatory reliability standards.  In December 2009, a strategic planning working group was selected to finalize the 2010-2012 plan. 

The four strategies that will guide WECC’s actions over the next few years are:

1. Transitioning operational authority away from the WECC Board of Directors to WECC management;
2. Establishing a regional leadership role by coordinating with and supporting organizations that impact WECC’s mission of assuring reliability in the Western Interconnection;
3. Producing and disseminating credible data, information, and analysis; and
4. Performing WECC’s role as Regional Entity under the NERC delegation agreement.

Each year the WECC’s CEO will report to WECC’s Board of Directors on accomplishments from its strategic plan.  If necessary, the CEO will make recommendations on how to refine action priorities. 

A copy of the WECC strategic plan is available at http://www.wecc.biz/committees/BOD/Shared%20Documents/2010-2012%20WECC%20Strategic%20Plan.pdf.