On January 19, 2012, FERC issued Order No. 757 “Storage Reporting Requirements of Interstate and Interstate Natural Gas Companies.”   This new rule eliminates the semi-annual storage reporting requirements for interstate and intrastate natural gas companies, effective 60 days after publication of the rule in the Federal Register.  In 1992, the Commission adopted the existing semi-annual storage reporting requirements for both interstate and intrastate pipelines as part of Order No. 636.  The Commission has since added other reporting requirements which require much of the same information as is included in the semi-annual storage reports, but in a more standardized and accessible form.  For example, in Order No. 735, the Commission established a reporting requirement for NGPA Section 311 intrastate pipelines and Hinshaw certificate holders to report transactional information on a quarterly basis.  The Commission found the semi-annual storage reports to be largely duplicative with other reporting requirements and unnecessary.  To the extent that the semi-annual storage reports included information that was not duplicative and is not available elsewhere, the Commission found that the benefit of continuing to provide the information was outweighed by the burden to the pipelines of reporting.  In instances where this information may be required, the Commission retained the ability to seek such information through a data request on an as-needed basis.

A copy of Order No. 757 is available here.