On February 8, 2013, FERC issued an order granting an extension of time for electronic quarterly report (“EQR”) filers to include electronic tag (“e-Tag”) ID data in their EQRs.  The Commission delayed the implementation of the e-Tag ID data requirement previously set forth in Order No. 768 (see September 28, 2012 edition of the WER).

On September 21, 2012, the Commission issued Order No. 768 (Electricity Market Transparency Provisions of Section 220 of the Federal Power Act), which required that certain non-public utilities file EQRs, and revised the EQR requirements applicable to all entities.  These revisions included the addition of mandatory fields to utilities’ EQRs, including e-Tag ID data.  Parties filed requests for rehearing of Order No. 768, and requested an immediate stay of the e-Tag ID reporting requirement.  On rehearing, parties cited the cost of providing the information, and the fact that e-Tag information is “not currently collected in trade capture systems where most EQR data are captured”; thus, e-Tag information may not be linked to transactions in the “manner contemplated by Order No. 768.” 

After consideration of the requests for rehearing and for a stay, the Commission granted an extension of time for the e-Tag ID data requirement, stating that EQR filers need not include this data in EQRs beginning in the third quarter of 2013.  The Commission noted that the extension will allow FERC more time to “fully assess the benefits and burdens” related to linking e-Tag ID information and transactions in the EQR.  FERC further directed staff to prepare a status report to be issued one year from the date of its order, unless the Commission has already acted.

A copy of the Commission’s order is available here.