On February 21, 2014, FERC announced that it will hold a technical conference on the “Winter 2013-2014 Operations and Market Performance in Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators.”  Through the technical conference, FERC intends to examine the impacts of cold weather events that occurred this winter and actions taken to address these impacts.  The technical conference will be held on April 1, 2014 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and led by FERC Staff. 

FERC stated in its announcement that the discussion is anticipated to cover such topics as: (1) the impact of cold weather events on operational planning and real-time operations; (2) market prices and performance, and regional infrastructure; (3) the actions taken in response to those impacts; (4) gas procurement; and (5) lessons learned that can be shared between regions and applied in future events.  The conference is designed to cover multiple regions, taking a broad perspective on the issues caused by cold weather events.

The technical conference will be available via webcast on FERC’s website, and participants can pre-register to attend in person.  An agenda and supplemental notice will be issued prior to the technical conference.

FERC’s notice is available here.