On December 18, 2014, FERC issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NOPR”) proposing modifications to Part 46 of its regulations regarding the reporting of a utility’s twenty largest purchasers.  The NOPR proposes to eliminate the need to file FERC-566 – an annual report that lists the reporting utility’s twenty largest purchasers – for certain public utilities.  In doing so, FERC stated that the NOPR would reduce the regulatory burden of filings while enhancing the quality of information collected.

Specifically, the NOPR proposed to:

  • Eliminate the filing requirement of FERC-566 for Regional Transmission Organizations, Independent System Operators, and exempt wholesale generators;
  • Eliminate the FERC-566 filing requirement for public utilities that have not made any reportable sales in any of the three preceding years; and
  • Eliminate the requirement to identify individual residential customers by name and address when submitting FERC-566, and instead only identify these customers as “Residential Customer” and provide the customer’s zip code.

Comments are due 60 after the NOPR’s publication in the Federal Register.  The Docket No. is RM15-3-000 and a copy of the NOPR is available here.