We are pleased to publish our latest white paper, entitled “Driving Change: Scaling Up EVs in the U.S.” The report highlights the challenges of expanding electric vehicles (EVs) and EV battery manufacturing in the U.S. Outdated infrastructure and divergent state and federal environmental regulatory structures are identified as key hurdles.

The report emphasizes the need for a fundamental upgrade and expansion of charging station infrastructure, as well as a supportive regulatory framework for the establishment of new manufacturing facilities for EV batteries and vehicles. It also calls for faster permitting processes for battery gigafactories and clarity on environmental rules for battery factories.

Drawing from insights provided by industry experts, we provide four recommendations:

  1. Expand the public charging station network and clarify the roles of electric utilities and non-utility firms.
  2. Provide regulatory clarity for battery factories, including import or manufacture of chemical components and recycling processes.
  3. Streamline approval processes for key battery chemicals and wastewater management.
  4. Encourage innovation and collaboration in battery recycling and disposal.

The report concludes that a combination of public policy, investment, and innovation is crucial for the EV sector to reach its full potential. Download the white paper for additional information on this evolving and important area. Troutman Pepper’s market-leading energy and environmental practices help clients with their most important and complex matters throughout the U.S. From renewables to conventional and emerging technologies, the cross-disciplinary team has extensive experience across the energy landscape. The firm regularly advises automobile manufacturers, charging station companies, automotive suppliers, independent power producers, banks, utilities, private equity funds, and large corporations. Learn more at energylawinsights.com.